I thought a lot about what I was going to name this blog. Maybe I would use a cute ovary pun or misspelling, or would I make it something with my name and keep cancer out of it. “Morgan Beats Cancer” was a bold choice.

At the time I was only about halfway through my treatment. And while my surgeon told me I was essentially cancer-free, I’ll likely never be told I’m cured of my ovarian cancer. This illness is often considered a chronic disease partially because of its high recurrence rate. Statistically, it’s very likely that I will face my cancer again.

But beating cancer is more than just my bloodwork and scan results. Beating cancer also means that it didn’t beat me. While it’s changed my life and will always be a part of me, I didn’t allow myself to crawl into a dark place and hide. I’m facing it head-on every day and I’m living my life. Of course some days I physically cannot do everything I want, but when I can I do. While undergoing chemotherapy and recovering from a massive surgery I’ve gone to a hockey game, I’ve seen my friends’ band play, volunteered at the food bank, had brunch with my friends, gone back to work, celebrated the holidays and my birthday, went on a date, launched a blog, raised money for research, and made friends with women around the world.

So while some may be misled by the title of my site into thinking my journey with cancer is over, I hope it will show people that they can beat their cancer. This morning I listened to Kristen Larsen’s podcast, Ovarshare. Kristen was a fellow teal sister who was diagnosed with low-grade ovarian cancer six years ago at the age of 21. In her podcast, recorded just a few weeks before she passed, she said she didn’t like the phrases saying someone won or lost their battle with cancer. Even though she was going to die, she knew she had won her battle by living her life. None of us know exactly when our time will come, so we need to make the most of the time we have. That is why I’m not going to let cancer beat me, I’m beating cancer.

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  1. Dear Morgan – my son sent me your blog and I am reading your posts. You are awe inspiring and you have touched my heart on so many levels. What a beautiful and amazing young woman you have grown into since I last saw you in 8th grade! I can only imagine how proud your family is of you and of how you are choosing to handle this difficult life hurdle. Please know I am cheering for you and sending you lots of love 💕 Mrs. de Laszlo xoxo

  2. Morgan! I just came across your post on LinkedIn, which brought me to your blog. I am so sorry you are going through this. You have such an amazing, upbeat attitude and are incredibly brave!

    My mom had treatment at Sloan for a rare uterine cancer 4.5 years ago and has been cancer-free since her chemo. You are in great hands – they are truly the best!

    Sending lots of love and support!

    1. Kristen, Thank you so much for reaching out!! I was actually thinking about you recently, the photo from the night we went to the basketball game came up in my Facebook memories. I hope all is well with you!

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