Lucky you, but this isn’t about you. This is about me and the millions of other Americans with underlying health conditions that leave their immune systems compromised. This isn’t about whether or not a healthy person will quickly recover from a virus. This is about keeping the otherwise healthy people out of the hospitals so there is room for the sick. This is about our doctors having to avoid deciding whose life is more important and who deserves to be put on a ventilator and who doesn’t. This is about avoiding the spread of a highly contagious and potentially deadly virus to those who are most vulnerable.

Of course, I was disappointed when I heard the show I had tickets for was postponed. My sister bought the tickets for me as a birthday gift and I had been looking forward to it for months. It was going to be a huge post-chemo milestone. But I was also really thankful to the theater for postponing, now I didn’t have to decide between risking exposure to a scary virus or forfeiting my tickets.

I get it, staying home sucks. Not seeing your friends, missing fun events, making your own dinner and cocktails is not nearly as fun as socializing. Watching Netflix is hardly as exciting as seeing a live band. But as someone who has already been stuck home more often than not over the last six months, as someone who rang in the new decade in bed, skipped their own birthday, couldn’t visit NYC to see the tree, believe me when I say you’ll find ways to make it work.

I’m not a doctor or even an expert, but here is some advice I’ve collected over the last few days:

I’ll continue to share ideas of ways to stay busy on my Facebook story over the coming days. What are you doing to stay healthy and safe? Please share other ideas or resources in the comments below!

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  1. Wow! This is a great testimony with some awesome suggestions and resources! You asked what others are doing to stay healthy and safe? I’m doing a lot of what you’re suggesting. I don’t, however, use sanitizers containing alcohol or other harmful chemicals that claim to kill bacteria. Those products have harmful Ingredients that can have long term effects Leading to things such as headaches, allergies, asthmas, endocrine disruptions, cancers and more.

    I use Norwex products. I lost my mom to breast cancer. Norwex products are safe and effective! If you’re not familiar with Norwex, the products are the solution to reducing harmful chemicals in our homes. I clean my home and my hands with high quality, specially woven microfiber and water. It has been proven in a third party lab to remove 99% of bacteria from a surface. “Remove” is the key word. Norwex doesn’t kill bacteria with harmful chemicals, it removes it from a surface with water and microfiber. If you’re not familiar with Norwex and would like to know more, message me!

    1. No, no, no, no, NO! Just a reminder, we are not, repeat NOT dealing with bacteria here!

      And 99% is only a 2-log removal of pathogens. In general you want 3- or 4-log. (99.9 or 99.99%) People do tend to overdo- just 1-3 teaspoons of household bleach in a gallon of water works great- spray on and let dry. If you use the higher amount, you can wipe in 5-10 min. (In general, it’s a function of both concentration and contact time- letting it dry gives you long contact time, so you only have to use a very little.)

      And remember this is a disinfectant. You’ll still need to clean the surface before you disinfect.

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