For those of you that don’t know, I started keeping a hand-written journal to process my private thoughts and emotions during this chapter in my life. Occasionally, I draw content from the journal to share with you. Recently, I was tasked to write myself a letter from a place of love. I found this exercise to be such a nice experience that I wanted to include this in my blog. I challenge you to write yourselves a similar letter. It can be written from your voice or the voice of someone that loves you. During this lockdown/quarantine/crisis, whatever we are calling it these days, I think so many of us are feeling overwhelmed. Taking a minute to tell yourself how much you love yourself and reminding yourself to be proud of what you’re doing might help you feel better.

Dear Morgan,

You’re doing great!

Wow, what a year. About 12 months ago you were convincing your sister that walking the stage for your Master’s degrees was worth using a vacation day. Now, she has too many days because we are stuck home in quarantine. And I think she will always be happy for the memories of graduating together.

A year ago you were wondering why you committed so much time and money towards this degree. Now you see it was to help you become a more confident professional, skilled communicator, and an organized volunteer. Your work has never been better and you’re making an impact in everything you touch.

Five years ago you bought a house with no idea how to take care of it. You still don’t really know what you’re doing some of the time but you have a home filled with love and joy.

Ten years ago you dyed your hair brown while studying abroad. Your nana was shocked that her “only blonde granddaughter” was now a brunette. Now your hair is about a half an inch long and you can hear say “Chickie-doodle, you’re alive! Remember what I always told you, it’s nice to be pretty but it’s better to be nice.”

Your life is different. But life never stays the same. That’s where the beauty in it lies. Sometimes life hands us lemons, sometimes chocolates. All we can do is roll with the punches and try to grow from our experiences.

But you don’t have to grow overnight. TAKE YOUR TIME. Have goals and plans and vision, but enjoy the journey because that is the only part that is guaranteed.

With all my love, Morgan XoXo

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